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Purple Trinity Group (PTG) is a private equity investment firm. The majority of our investments are executed on a deal-by-deal basis. Once an opportunity has been secured, investors are provided with concise and relevant information including deal attributes and the clear path to value. Investors may always contact us if they require further information and are interested in participating as a Limited Partner.

PTG creates the investment vehicle and carries out all of the financing and asset management for each Limited Partner. At PTG we always invest our own capital in each opportunity we present to our LPs, however we will only realize compensation after each Limited Partner is paid their preferred return.


PTG as a private equity investment firm is primarily focused on secure real estate projects and real estate adjacent assets. We originate and manage real estate investment opportunities either through discretionary funds, segregated mandates, or deal specific funds. We have work with governments, and High Net Worth limited partner investors to join in these investments opportunities.

Independently Strong and Resilient

Purple Trinity Group is managed and controlled by its leadership team. With a combination of smart capital stewardship, and a reputation for honesty and integrity we continue to be the firm of choice for every day investors who desire to grow their wealth through smart low fee, risk free investing.


Proactive Investments

Our focus is on the future movements of real-estate based on measured observations of national finance, legislation impacting land use, as well as population movement. Our strategies secure income streams and capital values with defensive, and optimized investment decisions.


Sector Shaping Investments

We prioritize sector-shaping investments in purpose-built high-density accommodation, land use conversion opportunities and PPP projects with cities and towns.



Kingsley Cato

Director, Global Head of Tactical Oportunities

Terry Watson

Director, Strategy and Business Transformation

Michael Scott Director, Global Head of Real Estate
Kate Nguyen Le

Director, Asia Pacific Region